What I Think About Before I Buy Something New

28 Feb

I’ve previously teamed this skirt with Birkenstocks and a t-shirt, I’ll be trying it with a leather jacket and boots (maybe) when it cools, and this week I wore it to a funeral with a blazer – similar to this.

I always think about all the ways I can wear something before I decide to buy it. (And it doesn’t matter how much it costs.) If I can only come up with one, I’ll leave it.

Remember, you can still have lots of outfits without having lots of stuff.

BTW – my skirt’s newish from the Ines de la Fressange range at Uniqlo. I got it on sale for less than $50 – and I love it!

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8 Feb

Update your style

Redefining your style often will help to keep your wardrobe up with you.

I think about mine at least once a year – usually at the start – before I have a cull, and more importantly, buy anything new. Some years, not much changes at all – I’m happy with where my style is at. Other years, I know something’s shifted (career, lifestyle, me?) and I want to try new things.

I’ve always loved 70s style and felt inspired by it, but recently I’ve felt more and more drawn to it. Much of the images I’ve saved for ideas for my style are from the seventies. So I’ve decided to embrace and explore that a bit more. Just a bit…not like I’m going to a fancy dress party as Cher.

Your personal style should evolve as you do. The worst thing you can do is wear clothes that don’t express who you are.

For example, you’re fun and playful and love color but mostly wear black and white.

What I’m wearing here (above) are a couple of new pieces I bought to scratch my 70’s itch.

These pics below are a few images I’ve saved on Pinterest over the years for inspiration.

Personal Shopping Melbourne
Personal Shopping Melbourne
Personal Shopping Melbourne

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Try Ons

16 Jan

Try Ons

Often, if I don’t need to race off after I finish shopping with a client, I’ll spend time in the shops looking at and trying on stock.

I like to see how pieces fit, feel what the material’s like – (i.e., Does it easily crease? Is it scratchy?) – and get an idea of who it might and probably won’t work for.

Sometimes I’ll send a photo like this, to a client if I see something I think they’ll love. In the case of this one, I was taking a photo for my Fab Finds subscribers. This jacket was $399, it’s now $87.

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How To Wear A Shirt As A Jacket

2 Jan

A Shirt as a Jacket

Something to try…

Rather than a jacket or cardie, if you need something for warmth in summer, (& it works for your style) you could wear a shirt – open. Try it…

With a silk(y) cami, skirt, or dress.

With a ribbed tank.

With a singlet or t-shirt dress that has at least some amount of shape &/or some skin showing at the neck.

With a linen cami, pants, or dress. (Perhaps with some skin showing at the neck of the cami & dress.)

Basically, try it with some skin &/ or shape underneath, and with some different textured fabrics.

You can see here, even though the tee has a high neck it’s quite fitted against the oversized shirt. She’s rolled up the sleeves to show some skin.

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